A New Hub For Music in Wakefield

Making music at South County's PM Recording Studio


South County’s echo chamber of unforgettable music finds itself with a new addition: PM Recording Studio, located in Wakefield. Founded by musical talents Matt Wunsch and Chris Vachon (guitarist for Roomful of Blues), this studio does more than merely offer an opportunity to bust out slick rhythms in a professional recording environment – it’s a burgeoning hub for South County’s music community.

“I’ve known Chris for a while, him playing in Roomful and me being in a few bands,” says Matt Wunsch, adding that the studio is “open to pretty much anyone, amateurs to professionals. But I’d like to see some more collaboration stuff. You know, come in, see what we have, learn from each other. We want to meet and – I don’t want to say network, that’s overused, but you get it. It’s a community thing.”

Long before the studio’s current iteration, though, it went by the name of Boo Recording Studio, and Matt worked as the studio’s go-to drummer. Sometime around 2007, Matt took over the studio with Pete Vendettuoli (guitarist for Forever Young), who in 2011 moved elsewhere to pursue other musical goals.

“I was running [the studio] fine alone, but having Chris come in made me want to focus on it more on a full-time basis,” says Matt. “He actually approached me about a year ago and had some equipment that he wasn’t using all that much. We got together, hammered stuff out and it was a blessing for me, what he had for equipment and experience. We redid the whole studio. Changed it around, painted it, brought in the gear – he inspired me to take the place to a more professional level.”

In addition to providing free, personalized pre-production setups for each client, PM Recording Studio also offers guitar, bass, drum and piano lessons. (“For other things, we’re happy to point people in the right direction.”) And with such a wealthof musical experience held by both Matt and Chris, everyone entering the studio is sure to learn a thing or two from these maestros.

“For Chris and I, music is our passion. We want to learn from other people.”