Beauty From the Earth

Meet the woman behind the Earth Essence Herbals skincare line


After working as a social worker for many years, Carolina’s Marlene Wojcik wanted a change. She enrolled in a home-study herbalism program, practicing with the herbs from her own garden. That was in 1993. Today, her Earth Essence Herbals skincare line is available all over South County. Here, she dishes on naturally beautiful summer skin and smelling your way to relaxation.

What inspired Earth Essence Herbals?
Once I decided to explore my interest in learning about plants and their uses, I enrolled in a home studies program on herbalism and began making tinctures and infusions from plants in my herb garden. My collection of herbal books grew, and so did classes on aromatherapy, flower essences and healing with plants. I found so many great recipes for making creams, and began the process of formulating my own. Through trial and error I developed a natural skin care line free of chemicals and fillers with names I cannot pronounce.

Are your products all natural and organic?
I use the finest ingredients, including organic oils and herbs from my garden. Like any good recipe you must have the best to produce something wonderful. Customers are more aware these days of what they put on their skin and are starting to change over to a more natural approach.

I’m a sun worshipper in the summer. What would you recommend to soothe my skin after the beach?
Use a lavender spritzer, which helps with sunburn. I spritz my face and body with rose toner and keep it in the refrigerator.

What’s a good skincare regimen for the hot, sticky August weather?
Keep your face and body hydrated. Use a skin toner and daily cleanser. Go lighter on the face cream; sometimes I skip it altogether. On those lazy days of summer there is nothing more refreshing than peppermint tea – just infuse some peppermint leaves in water and make a sun tea.

Let’s talk aromatherapy. Can smells really affect my mood?
I use a variety of essential oils for the skin and scents for the body. The lighter floral scents of lavender and rose, orange and grapefruit have a clean fragrance and make you feel more relaxed. More stimulating oils such as rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint and clary sage wake up the senses and make you feel more awake.

Do you have any quick fixes for me if I’m having a particularly stressful moment at work?
For stressful moments at work – take a few deep breathes, dab on some lavender essential oil and make yourself a cup of herbal tea.

What’s your favorite product from your line? Walk me through your daily regiment of your products.
My favorite product from my line is the Wonder Face Cream. It was the first cream I made and continues to be the top seller. A daily regiment for me is to use cleansing grains to stimulate and clean the face which contain ground oats, white clay, ground almonds, roses and lavender and poppy seeds. After this I use the Rose Skin Toner to close and tone the pores and apply the face cream. Once a month I’ll use the clay mask.

Find Earth Essence Herbals at farmer’s markets all season long: Wednesdays in Newport, Fridays in East Greenwich, and Saturdays in Barrington, Bristol and Kingston.