Summer Guide

Caffeine on Tap

Keep your pre-beach coffee fix on trend with nitro brew


Nothing comes between Rhode Islanders and our perfectly chilled cup of caffeine, but there’s plenty to shake it up – in this case, we’re talking about nitro cold brew. Think of it as an iced coffee that’s served like a beer. The cold brew java is stored in a keg and infused with nitrogen, giving it a nice, frothy pour not unlike a stout. The best part is it goes down so smooth that you can drink it as-is, but if you’ve gotta have that extra-extra, we’re not going to stop you.

The Nitro Cart has cold brew taps at more than 30 locations all over the state, including their cafe on Broadway in Providence. The original mobile cart still makes weekly pop-up appearances. The Shop on Providence’s East Side cold brews their own nitro in-house, and The Nook Coffee House in East Greenwich stocks kegs from Pawtucket-based New Harvest Coffee Roasters.