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Calaveras Finds a Second Home on the Mainland

Block Island's beloved Mexican eatery opening a second location in Peacedale


The popular Mexican eatery on Block Island, Calaveras, is rapidly expanding: a mainland location opened in Peace Dale this winter, and a third location is slated to settle into the Block Island Maritime Institute in June. So far, owners Julio and Iliana Mendoza have been pleased with their success in Peace Dale. “We are building up a clientele,” says Iliana. “People are still not used to authentic authentic Mexican food, but they love the freshness of the food.” Many of the dishes, including favorites like the fish tacos and the pulled chicken, are inspired by Julio’s family recipes and upbringing in Mexico City. The tortillas have been a particular hit with children, who can watch the flatbread fry. The waterfront Calaveras should be open for the summer rush, and an expanded menu will include ceviche.