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Everything’s Better With Butter

A local chef and wife duo's finishing butters adding rich flavors to home cooking


Butter Cuisine is the latest culinary venture from Jamestown chef Brian Halloran and his wife Lori – and it may just be the “secret ingredient” you’ve been looking for. Finishing butters are designed to melt into recipes and add dynamic new flavors. Halloran’s flavors include Lemon Caper Herb Butter, Honey Roasted Strawberry Butter, and Red Wine Shallot Butter, among others. The butters can be used to flavor a wide range of ingredients, like veggies, rice, pasta, meat, and fish. Non-dairy options, like the Thai Coconut butter, are also available. Each tub retails for around $8.50 and can be found in local grocery chains like Dave’s Marketplace. Chef Halloran maintains a blog on the Butter Cuisine website, illustrating how he uses the butters in his cooking.