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Gluten-Free and Groovy

Lola’s Blue Farm serves allergen-friendly seafood classics from a vintage van


Lola’s Blue Farm fries up all kinds of seafood, and if you’re in the mood for fish and chips by the ocean, keep an eye out for a baby-blue Volkswagen minibus parked on the cusp of Narragansett Town Beach. You can also sample the oysters and clam cakes between surfing sessions.

But here’s the twist: everything on the Lola’s menu is gluten-free. “Our ingredients are pretty simple,” says Christina Scotti, the truck’s owner, who was inspired to start the business when she learned she had celiac disease. Scotti loves to fry up New England favorites, like battered shrimp, and they also do specials. “One week we did oysters in our chia, panko, and corn mix. Another week we did the same thing with local squid. And all the platters come with organic fries and a choice of some local produce.”

If you’re wondering, the vehicle is an authentic 1977 VW Bus, which was driven across the country from its native California. Lola’s makes its rounds of summer festivals in Newport and Providence, as well as some private parties. Yet the bus spends most of its time parked on the edge of town, waiting for hungry beachgoers, and Scotti is cool with that. “It seems almost fairytale-like,” she says, “with views of the ocean that make you want to stare out at the water all day.”