Influencer: Wallace Mattingly

Founder of Coastal Canine Dog Training


"Comfort is a top priority when it comes to outfitting myself for the day. I like neutral colors and soft, durable fabrics. Tight pants don’t cut it for my active lifestyle, therefore a proper pair of Levis, KÜHL, PrAna, or Columbia pants do me right. My hair can get in the way sometimes, and when you are working with a problematic dog you can’t afford to be distracted, so I’ll often wear a curved brim trucker hat. I always have a pair of polarized sunglasses on hand, especially since they are prescription.

On cooler days, I like to wear a wool sweater and a full-zip insulated hoodie. Flannels are a daily must and I’m a huge fan of merino and alpaca under-layers. My ultimate pair of treads are Danner Mountain 600 boots. Nothing beats them and you’ll find me wearing them in the summer due to the fact that they are so comfortable.

If I go out, I’ll put on an English spread collar button-down and sweater and jeans. I’ve had the same two pairs of Nike Air leather-soled Cole Haan cap-toe oxfords, which I love and have accompanied me through some memorable parties. When it comes to getting fancy, I choose one of my custom-made suits by Astor & Black.

Jamestown is the ‘Bees Knees.’ I love the coast, hence the reason I named my company Coastal Canine. I grew up sailing, fishing, surfing, and using the ocean to its fullest, so I wouldn’t be able to imagine my life without the deep blue. The community in Jamestown stays true, especially if you’re a year-rounder. We all take pride in supporting our local businesses.

Before moving back home, I was living in LA, training dogs, and running a military/police K9 training facility. It was loads of fun, but something triggered me to move back. I think the quality of life is better and I can easily access all my favorite hobbies. I love all of my clients wherever I am, but there is a bit of pride bringing the foreign experiences and knowledge I received from the widespread dog industry back into Rhode Island."