Rhody-Made Soups for Cold Season

Lily's Ladle bone broth, made from Ocean State ingredients, is available in stores all over RI


In the middle of cold season, Lily Scott was snowed in with a sick family. So she started making soups. And not just any soups. Soups made with her own bone broth, the quality of which went way beyond what you can get from stock in a can. Neighbors in East Greenwich started asking for her broth. Lily’s Ladle was born. A year ago, East Side Market was the first store to carry the broth. Now, Lily stocks stores all over the state with her broths, and offers home subscriptions. Flavors are chicken (made with Baffoni’s Poultry), vegetable mineral (with kelp from Pt. Judith Kelp Company), and grass-fed beef (from New England Grass Fed bones). Bone broth, known for its probiotic benefits, as well as boosting healthy skin and the immune system, is having a bonafide moment. “I have two toddlers in day care and I try to get in a good soup for dinner about twice a week to battle the colds that the kids bring home,” Lily says. “Are we healthier than the rest of our friends? No mamma. Does it make me feel better, like I am doing something to actively help us? Yes. And when I’m feeling run down, I just sip some.”