NoMy Style: Custom Made in Narragansett

Naomi Sauro creates clothing perfectly befitting each customer's needs


It’s not often a fashion designer calls you and says, “I’d love to make you a dress.” But when it happens – and really, you should do your best to make that happen as much as possible– you don’t say no. At least I didn’t. That’s how I found myself in various states of undress in my office with Naomi Sauro. Wait, that sounds wrong. But it was so, so right.

“I was in retail for ten years prior to this, and was really feeling that there was a lot of missed opportunity in clothing, especially for women’s sizes,” Naomi says. “That’s how I started.” She specializes in women’s sizes, but really, that’s just about everyone. “I say the average woman, because the average woman is a size 12,” she explains. “I love women’s sizes because there aren’t as many options out there in the fashion industry for women to shop. I love helping women be able to find something that is sophisticated, fits her personality and hits her in the right way.”

But back to me. When Naomi and I started talking about what my ideal garment would be, she started by asking me what was missing in my wardrobe, and what I’d love to add. Since I had some fashionable events coming up, my mind was in dress-up mode. (Who am I kidding? It’s always in dress-up mode.) I told her I’d been dreaming of a satin party skirt in a jewel tone, something easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion. We set an appointment for the following week in my office. While she often hosts clients in her Narragansett home, Naomi says, “I do what’s convenient for my clients. I like to go to their home because it gives me an idea of who they are. I like to peek into their closet, pick out the colors they really like and the silhouettes they’ve liked in the past.”

Naomi came with sketches and fabric samples – both of which were exactly what I wanted. In fact, they were too much of what I wanted. When I couldn’t decide between a mustard-colored satin or a thick, textured plum wool, we decided not to decide, and went with both options. Who says you can’t have everything?

Naomi designs both formal gowns and everyday separates, and loves to create pieces that are versatile and can be worn in different ways. She’s also really great at finding a way to work within every woman’s budget. “I really try to stick to her budget,” she says. “I love that aspect of it. It gives clients the option to have something unique to them without spending hundreds of dollars.”

That, to me, was the biggest surprise. At the end, Naomi delivered to me beautiful skirts that fit me perfectly, and cost less than they would have at any average mall retailer. And hopefully one day, that’s where you’ll find her. “I would love to have my own store that has a custom side where clients can come in for fittings, whether they’re looking for an everyday piece or a special occasion dress, and create a collection every season for people to come in and shop ready to wear,” she says. For now, you can get a NoMyStyle by Naomi Sauro design made in the comfort of your own home. Just give her a call.