Royal Accents

Meet a local designer who makes accessories fun and affordable


Your store, Spangles, is known for fun, affordable jewelry. Tell us how you got started.
I started the business with a friend of mine several years ago, after many visits to a similar store in Florida. I was impressed with how an affordable piece of jewelry could change the look of any outfit. I like being able to provide accessories at prices that allow people to change things up frequently.

The newest product you are carrying are fascinators. Tell us what they are.
Ever since the Royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, there has been a fascination with fascinators, a unique hair accessory. There are many different styles, from small and subtle, with subtle colors, to large and sometimes outrageous, with colors that are bright and bold. Some styles are more formal, with netting or tulle, while others have funky colored feathers or unique shapes.

Do you recommend wearing them in place of or in addition to jewelry?
Sometimes, a well-chosen fascinator can replace jewelry, when clipped to a woman’s clothing. They come in a variety of attachment styles, from combs and elastics to clips and pins. The majority of styles are attached to thin headbands, which are easily hidden in your hairstyle, and are very comfortable to wear. You can choose to match a monochromatic outfit and use a fascinator for a color burst or focal point.

Who’s wearing them?
Dancers are using them to accent their appearance for shows. A lot of people are picking them up for Kentucky Derby events in May. Women enjoy wearing them for birthday parties and bridal showers. Kids have been buying them for special hat days at school. Whenever I wear one, I always get compliments.

What other accessories do you carry?
We also sell scarves, hats, purses and evening bags. I encourage people to bring in their special occasion outfit (or a picture) so we can match up the perfect accessory. 

What style or color do you see trending for spring and summer?
I see a lot of bright and bold colors for spring and summer: yellow, orange and pink; hot colors that pop. Purple is very big this year as well.

Amidst all the fun at Spangles, your store is known for its community support.
One of my core values is that we are here on this earth to not just take…but to share. I feel that my success is directly related to the success of the community. If we work together we can make our environment better for everyone.

Lisa owns Spangles at 324 Main Street in Wakefield. 788-1032.