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Searching for Superstars

Wakefield Idol wants to find Rhode Island’s next top pop star


Sixty-four local singers are putting it all on the line for Wakefield Idol, Contemporary Theater Company’s annual throw down between big-time dreamers with larger-than-life voices. This year’s competition started in January, and the weekly contests are happening every Thursday through March 22, culminating in a final four face-off that will have judges and audience members deciding who will walk away as this year’s Wakefield Idol. And as if the glory that comes with the title isn’t enough, the winner will find themselves $1,500 richer.

If you’ve been craving emotional ups and downs since American Idol went off the air (without the smarmy British poo-pooing, of course), bundle up and get down to the Contemporary Theater. Who knows? You just might be a witness to the birth of the next great pop star.