Single Screen Roundup

The Avon presents a harrowing story of a mother and a son, and the Jane Pickens Theater brings Oklahoma! back to the big screen.


Avon Cinema
James Vanderbilt's Truth stars Robert Redford in the role of Dan Rather in this gripping political drama. Truth follows the Killian documents controversy of 2004, when memos concerning George W. Bush's lackluster military service were publicly scrutinized after a report on 60 Minutes. Based on producer Mary Mapes' memoir, Truth also stars Cate Blanchett and Elisabeth Moss.

Winner of the People's Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, the family drama Room will be starting this Friday. This harrowing film follows a mother and son as they venture out into the world after being held captive in an old shed for several years. Behind this thrilling concept lies a movie with critically acclaimed performances from its lead actors Brie Larson and Jacob Tremlay.

Jane Pickens Theater
Celebrating its 60th anniversary, Oklahoma! will be screening this Sunday at the Jane Pickens Theater! This quintessential American story of love in the Wild West was the first film produced in the epic 70mm film format, and it comes newly restored after a nine-month process. Accompanying the film is a pre-show featurette with Oklahoman Kristin Chenoweth singing a selection of songs from the Rogers and Hammerstein production.

Truth will also be playing at the Jane Pickens this weekend.