Two Dots Specializes In Off-beat Needlework

Karen Marchetti's whimsical shop offers everything a local crafter needs.


Two Dots is an eclectic little gem located in the historic Kenyon Building in downtown Wakefield. The store is named after the two women who taught owner Karen Marchetti how to knit and crochet: her mother Doris and aunt Dorothy. Although the store’s primary focus is needlework, Karen has managed to bring in dozens of interesting art and crafts pieces from 15 local vendors to interest everyone. Tucked amongst the Plymouth brand yarn and the locally spun wool and Alpaca fiber, you will find steampunk jewelry, cloth hand puppets, wall art, clothes for American Girl Dolls and unique hair accessories. There is also a wide array of finished needlework products including hats, scarves, cell phone holders and change purses. The store carries craft kits and rubber band looms for kids and paracords for jewelry and other projects.

The wooden Serendipity knitting needles with the fanciful animal head tops (the penguins are my fav) are almost enough to get me to dust off my rusty skills. In case I do, there are group and private lessons and drop in times with prize giveaways. Kids’ craft classes are held on Saturdays in addition to workshops in other disciplines such as “make your own buttons” from Sculpey clay. If you aren’t crafty but need a unique gift for someone special, Karen can custom craft pieces for you. One can also wander the store and choose from cute hand cut wooden decor or perhaps the gorgeous crocheted poncho that I have my eye on.

Needleworkers who are frustrated by a pattern or have a mistake that needs fixing need to look no further. Karen is always ready to lend a hand and an ear. There is a welcoming table in the middle of the store that awaits you. Drop by for a chat and bring your project! 

Two Dots
344 Main Street, Wakefield